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It’s Time to Retire Dick Blumenthal

Leora is running to take the fight to Dick Blumenthal because he IS Joe Biden in Connecticut. Biden’s out-of-touch polices, rubberstamped by Blumenthal, have led to disaster at home and abroad, as Americans face record inflation, high energy prices, an invasion at our border, rising crime in our communities and Government interference between parents and their children.

Dick Blumenthal and Joe Biden’s policies are wrong for America. Their consistent support for far-left policies undermines our freedom and security. By attending a Communist Party celebration here in Connecticut, Dick Blumenthal showed his true leanings.

Voters are FED UP with out-of-touch career politicians entrenched in big special interests, abandoning middle class families and taxpayers. Connecticut is ready to elect political outsider Leora Levy to serve in Washington because unlike Blumenthal, she won’t vote with Joe Biden 98.1% of the time. Leora is nobody’s rubber stamp; she will always fight for us.

Political Outsider Leora Levy Will Defeat Career Politician Dick Blumenthal

Leora Levy has lived the American dream. She came to this country as a child, escaping Castro’s communist regime in Cuba. She knows firsthand what it means when Communism conquers your country.

Leora worked hard, got a good education, and broke the glass ceiling in her career. She came to this country a Cuban refugee and by 2019 she was nominated by President Donald Trump to serve as Ambassador to Chile. All of these things were possible because of the opportunity and freedom we have in this country. But that freedom is now at risk.

Leora is pro-life with the exceptions of rape, incest and life of the mother. She believes in the miracle of life and signed The Big Family Pledge solidifying her belief in the beginning of life from conception. A mother of three adult sons, Leora recognizes that motherhood has been her greatest accomplishment in life.

Leora is the right messenger with the right message. She is a Jewish Hispanic woman who will say in plain language and no uncertain terms that what is happening at our southern border is an invasion.


Leora believes that closing our U.S. borders is paramount in the pursuit of safety and security for our country. U.S. border security is under constant threat and must be enforced.

Leora will be a strong clear voice for America and for maintaining an unbreakable alliance between the US and Israel. The Government of Iran is an evil regime, the foremost state sponsor of terrorism in the world and the enemy of all freedom-loving Peoples.

Leora will always defend Parental Rights and Freedom of Choice for wearing masks and vaccinations. Leora is cemented in her belief that the parent knows what is best for their child, not the government. At a time when parental rights are under attack from the radical left, Leora will be the clear and relentless fighter for the voice of parents.

Leora is committed to leading the fight for freedom in this country because she has seen what happens when you lose it.

Leora firmly believes in the Right to Bear Arms. Every American has the right to protect their family, themselves, and their property.


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