President Biden and Dick Blumenthal do not care if you pay more for gas — as long as it is after the midterm elections.

When OPEC+ announced it would reduce oil production by 2 million barrels a day , no one should have been surprised the administration’s energy and diplomatic policies failed miserably. Biden, and his rubber stamp, Dick Blumenthal, crushed our nation’s energy independence while advancing a multitrillion-dollar agenda and radical green dream policies. The American people are paying the price, and Biden and Blumenthal have no one to blame but themselves.

Now, oil prices are headed right back up, as are the costs for home heating oil, natural gas and electricity. Connecticut has among the highest energy prices in the country, and families have been left out in the cold by these disastrous policies.

With prices on the rise and polls looking even worse for his party ahead of midterms on Nov. 8, President Biden announced he would be releasing yet another 115 million barrels from our Strategic Petroleum Reserves — bringing the grand total 180 million barrels . This is reckless and foolish, and it creates a national security risk. Let me also remind everyone that this only comes after Biden begged the Saudi government to wait until after the November elections to announce it would be reducing oil production. Clearly, Biden is just fine with Americans paying higher gas prices if it means his party can retain power. That type of behavior is shameful and something one would expect from the dictators of Russia or Venezuela, not from the leader of the free world.

All Americans should be wary of these political gimmicks, as we are the ones paying the price.

Connecticut voters know Blumenthal has been a staunch supporter of Biden’s green dream agenda from day one. Blumenthal is doing everything he can to distract the American people, loudly condemning Saudi Arabia while ignoring the fact that he hindered our nation’s energy production and stood behind Biden begging the Saudis to keep up oil production through the election. Now, not only are states like California experiencing blackouts in the summer months, but there are reports that there could be winter blackouts in New England — all because there might not be enough natural gas to fuel power grids. States are already rationing supplies and driving the price up further.

I have been a resident of Connecticut for 34 years and this is unprecedented. Socialist countries deal with this sort of thing all the time, and Americans must wake up and realize that a change in leadership is necessary to alter this outcome and change the direction of our country.

Worse still, while there will be serious energy challenges throughout the Northeast, Connecticut may see the highest energy price increases in the country . On average Connecticut families are paying $611 for energy bills per month. My own home heating oil delivery company called to ask whether I wanted a full or half tank because many families had been saying they cannot afford to pay for a full tank at a time. Just this week, it was announced that home heating oil will be rationed in New England this winter, making it impossible to receive a full tank in one delivery.

Americans are being pushed to the brink by Biden and Blumenthal’s economic and energy policies. Lives are at risk. No American should have to worry about whether their families are going to freeze this winter because career politicians decided to pursue a radical climate change agenda before the U.S. has the infrastructure or necessary capacity to manage it.

Wherever I go throughout our state, I hear from Connecticut residents who are struggling to feed their families, heat their homes, and put gas in their car just so they can get to work to pay for it all. Americans cannot continue down this path. People are not asking for luxuries or extravagances. They just want to be able to support their family and provide a good future for their children. Life today is unaffordable. Biden knows it, his rubber stamp Dick Blumenthal knows it, and their out-of-touch party knows it.

We need leaders in Washington who will hold Biden accountable, promote American energy independence, stop out-of-control spending, and put the interests of Connecticut and the American People first. I pledge as your next U.S. senator, I will never leave Connecticut out in the cold.