This is not a political endorsement. This is simply a reporting of fact.

Leora Levy has long been fighting to close the achievement and opportunity gaps between minority and low income students and their more
affluent White peers, and to ensure students from all backgrounds are set up for success.

In 2012 Leora became a founding donor of Brave Enough To Fail, a nonprofit organization that provides motivational programming, educational resources, and scholarships to help students succeed in school and beyond.

Without fanfare or grandstanding Leora Levy has quietly and consistently been a champion for our children. Not only giving money but also serving as mentor and sharing her compelling story to inspire the students we serve at the state’s youth agencies.

Thanks in large measure to Leora Levy’s stalwart support, Brave Enough To Fail has reached over twenty thousand students and awarded over one hundred thousand dollars in scholarships.

This is not a political endorsement but a reporting of fact. You want to know who Leora Levy really is? This is who she is.

Wayne Winsley is founder and CEO of the nonprofit organization Brave Enough To Fail.