Inflation Reduction Act

This month, both of Connecticut’s senators voted along party lines for a $740 billion radical, socialist, green-dream-tax-and-spending spree that experts say will not do anything to reduce inflation, nor have any appreciable effect on the climate this century, despite Richard Blumenthal’s and Joe Biden’s promises.

They even named it a lie — the Inflation Reduction Act — in order to gaslight Americans into thinking it is something that it is not.

The reality is that it is another way for Biden and Blumenthal to tax middle-class American families, to the tune of $10.6 billion in new taxes, and hire 87,000 IRS agents who will target Americans earning less than $75,000 a year and small-business owners, too. Just for perspective, the UConn football stadium holds just under 40,000 people. That sure is a lot of new IRS agents. Why?

This is what happens when you have been a politician for 37 years. You think the solution to $5 a gallon gas, empty shelves and hiring shortages is taxing Americans, but hiring agents to claw away more tax dollars in order to justify more government spending will only inject more money into an inflationary economy during a recession. This is the opposite of what the American economy and American families need to reverse the economic disaster and pain being experienced today.

Unfortunately for Blumenthal, he has hitched his wagon to one of the least successful presidents in history. Biden’s name might not be on the ballot this November, but his failed policies are. This is one of those elections where the imposed solutions couldn’t be more mistaken nor dangerous. Do you want another six years of Biden policies via Blumenthal?

I certainly do not. My family escaped Communist Cuba, arriving here with only the clothes we were wearing. I understand Communism and its characteristic government control that crushes the human spirit, crushes initiative and creativity, resulting in poverty for most except for an elite few. Communism has failed wherever it has been tried. This election is about standing up for our freedom, fighting for what we believe, improving people’s lives by bringing real change to Washington.

I am not going to allow Connecticut to forget Blumenthal’s role in how we got here.

From Hartford to Tolland to Stamford, there are countless families worried about how they are going to feed their families, pay the mortgage and heat their homes this winter. Yet out-of-touch Blumenthal voted along party lines to increase taxes on the middle class under the guise of reducing inflation. In fact, Connecticut taxes are tied to federal tax rates so he also effectively decreased the amount of income for Connecticut families.

Democrats across the country are kowtowing to the progressive left rather than listening to the American people. Even worse, they are trying to distract us from the real issues, attacking the venerable Supreme Court and our Constitution in order to distract from the 13.1% rise in food prices and the empty shelves that panicked parents are finding as they frantically search for baby formula.

As I travel Connecticut, I often hear people wondering if Blumenthal can be beaten. After all, he has been a fixture in Connecticut office forever. Here’s what I say: Even before he voted to raise taxes on the middle class with the lie that is the Inflation Reduction Act, Blumenthal’s polling had been well under 50%, a sign that his popularity is not what it once was. We do not have to live this way. We really can have better leadership in Washington.

He is already running scared, trying to persuade voters with television ads three months before the election. When reality comes knocking, it is the career politicians, like Biden and Blumenthal, who will do anything to keep their power.

This election is different. We the people are no longer going to stand idly by and allow these politicians to continue this madness.

After 37 years, Blumenthal thinks he is indispensable and that voters will continue to go along with the status quo. However, this year will be different.

American families, hardworking taxpayers and small business owners are paying the price for his inept, ideologically driven leadership. Connecticut families want new, strong leadership from their elected officials. I am a mother, a wife, a businesswoman and a political outsider who has lived an American Dream, not a career politician. In me, they will have a star pitcher on the mound every day fighting for them in the Senate, not a relief pitcher.

Voters have a clear choice on the direction of our country: continue down the path of insider status quo with skyrocketing inflation, a broken supply chain, crime on our streets, an invasion at our border, and the indoctrination of our children, or choose a principled fighter who will take on the career politicians and always put Connecticut families first.

In November, we can end the Blumenthal-blight in Washington and send a message to all the career politicians who have failed us time and again.