America Is Under Attack

Leora Levy: America is under attack from out-of-touch Democrats

Independence Day might have passed, but we Americans can thank our lucky stars for living in the greatest experiment in human liberty and freedom the world has ever known. The American founding was as astonishing as it was improbable. The framers built a Constitution designed to rein in government so that citizens would enjoy maximum freedom and check its impulse to control. The farmer, cobbler, lawyer and seaman all became citizen warriors against an ancient tyranny and won. Since then, our form of government has been emulated by new democracies throughout the world. Those seeking opportunity and safety have dreamt of moving to America.

Every Fourth of July, I remember this history and feel tremendous pride in my citizenship. As a child who escaped to this country from Communist Cuba, I know how blessed I am to live in the greatest country in the world, but I also know we must fight to keep this nation great, to protect our freedom, and to stand up for our God-given rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

However, America is under attack from out-of-touch Democrats embracing a woke socialist ideology that indoctrinates our children, while spending our nation into economic ruin. As a result of the Biden administration’s policies, with Sen. Richard Blumenthal’s backing, Connecticut families cannot afford basic necessities like food and gas, while many parents frantically search for baby formula. Our families don’t feel safe in their own communities. There is general lawlessness, encouraged by the left with violence on our streets and in our communities. President Joe Biden and Sen. Blumenthal have created and encouraged an invasion, mayhem and death on our southern border, threatening our safety in Connecticut.

Is this a government accountable to the people? These crises are all self-inflicted. They were created by a Democratic Party driven by resentment, entitlement and sadly, hatred, with a goal to fundamentally change our country. The unified Democratic government has cost each American citizen dearly and clearly shown us that they have nothing but disdain for traditional American values and the Constitution. The radicals in our government have chosen to condescend, rather than represent. They view the widespread suffering brought on by their policies as little more than collateral damage.

Americans have had enough and are ready to ensure their voices are heard and remove out-of-touch Democrats at the polls this fall. The American people will never stop fighting against tyranny, and that is why I am running to be the next U.S. senator from Connecticut.

I understand the fight for freedom. My family, inspired by the Founding Fathers’ vision of America and its boundless opportunities for a better life, escaped Cuba and its tyrannical government. I am thankful to live in this country of freedom, personal responsibility and opportunity.

The America we escaped to from communist Cuba is in many ways unrecognizable today. When I go to the store and look around, seeing the bare shelves, high prices for whatever is there, and experience the government overreach in our lives, it seems more like a scene out of Venezuela or Cuba than the United States.

In some states run by Democrats, taxpayers’ American Rescue Plan money intended for COVID-19 relief was instead used to push a radical, politically motivated agenda to indoctrinate our kids with critical race theory, according to Fox News. At the same time, Democrats approve of open borders and a criminal justice system that favors criminals over law-abiding citizens. In Biden’s America, parents are the enemy. They are called domestic terrorists when they try to get involved with their children’s education. Children are told by school administrators to tell them what happens at home and that they do not have to tell their parents everything that goes on in the classroom. This is what Fidel Castro did when he took power in Cuba: He made himself the father figure in children’s minds and indoctrinated them to spy on and inform on their parents.

In what parallel universe are we living today? When did it become a norm for worried parents to be deemed domestic terrorists, yet criminals are treated like victims, despite wreaking havoc on cities across the nation?

This is why a red wave is coming that will return our country to its constitutional principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We already see the shift happening, with 1 million voters switching their registration from Democratic to Republican this year. It will even happen in states like Connecticut where Republicans, Independents and traditional Democrats are worried and upset. This might shock pundits, talking heads and the establishment — but it will not shock We the People.

America is the greatest country in history, despite what the left says. The Fourth of July is a reminder of our exceptionalism. Each Fourth of July, I count my blessings and feel great pride in my citizenship. I am running to defeat Richard Blumenthal in Connecticut because he embraces the same socialist policies my family and I fled nearly 50 years ago. He is lockstep with Biden, who prefers to bend over backward to please progressives instead of doing what is right for the American people. Despite Democrats’ best efforts to impose socialism, indoctrinate our kids and open our borders, they cannot hide from the repercussions of their actions.

The Fourth of July is a reminder to all that government works for its people, not the other way around. Americans in Connecticut and across the nation will send a direct message this November, declaring that America is a Constitutional Republic, that we live and celebrate our constitutional rights every day and that socialism has no place in the greatest nation on Earth.

I hope you and your family had a great Independence Day. God Bless Connecticut, and God Bless America.